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Tips to Get Quality Sleep with Arthritis

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

The inability of sleep is a major problem for people with arthritis. Sleep is one of the most import functions of your body. Sleep helps restore energy, improves brain function, keeps your moods balanced and probably most importantly for arthritis sufferers, helps repair and heal your body. If you have arthritis a poor sleep can affect your quality of life as the lack of sleep can increase the pain you already have, the poorer the sleep the more pain you will tend to be in. If you can increase the quality of your sleep most people with arthritis can also reduce the day to day pain associated with arthritis.

People with arthritis tend to have a difficult time getting a good nights rest. The lying down can cause chemicals in joints to pool causing stiffening of the joints to worsen, as well the hormones in you body that control inflammation tend to lessen during the night, finally as you lay in bed the perception of pain tends to increase as you are not distracted by anything else.

However there are things you can do that will greatly increase your ability to have a better sleep:

- Avoid stimulants before bed. Coffee, black tea and even some over the counter pain relievers have caffeine, these will interfere with your sleep.

- Try to keep off your phone, computer and turn off the tv an hour before bed, these electronics all stimulate your brain.

- Exercise regularly. Being active during the day can help make you tired then it’s time to sleep plus exercise relieves stress and strengthens muscles and joints.

- Try to get a sleep schedule. Going to sleep and waking up at the same time does help give you a sleep routine that can improve the quality of your sleep.

- Have a comfortable bedroom. A dark, quiet room that has a cooler temperature will improve your sleep. Also make sure you have a good quality bed and pillows that are comfortable for you.

- Manage joint pain before going to bed. If you are in pain as you are going to bed you will have trouble sleeping. Take a supplement to reduce pain or swelling as needed or try some hot and cold therapy to ease any pain you have. If you take medication arrange to take it so you will have relief just prior to going to sleep.

Improving your sleep will help restore your body, reduce arthritis pain and greatly improve your quality of life!

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