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Hot and Cold Therapy

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Hot and cold therapy is an effective, easy and inexpensive way to treat the aches and pains caused by arthritis. Every person is different and experimenting with both hot and cold will help you decide what is best to treat your symptoms and switching between both can be an excellent method to manage arthritis pain.

Heat therapy - Using heat can relax and relieve stiff or sore muscles and is also a great method to provide relief for joint pain and stiffness caused by arthritis. Heat stimulates blood flow and the circulation of blood helps heal damaged tissue. Heat therapy also relieves joint stiffness which improves your joint’s range of motion and flexibility. Heat can comfort and soothe your joints and decrease pain.

Cold therapy - Arthritis often causes inflammation in the joints and cold can help reduce the swelling. Once a swollen joint is reduced in size it should help relieve pain in that joint and increase movement. Arthritis pain can also cause a burning sensation and using cold therapy helps relieve it. Cold therapy also reduces fluid buildup in joints, another cause of swelling and discomfort.

While using hot and cold therapy make sure you do not damage your skin. Never use too hot or too cold and always ensure your skin is protected with a cloth or towel.

Hot and cold therapy can be an effective treatment that may be used many times throughout the day. Often it is best to experiment with both to see what helps you the most but generally cold reduces inflammation and swelling while heat relaxes the joint and improves movement and both help relieve pain. Hot and cold therapy is a great natural way to help relieve arthritis pain.

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