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Exercise for Arthritis Relief

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Exercise is important for everyone and for those with arthritis it is essential. Regular exercise will increase strength and improve flexibility which will help reduce the joint pain caused by arthritis. A lack of exercise can worsen arthritis symptoms as insufficient muscle tissue causes more strain on the joints which increases pain and stiffness. Being physically active can help slow the onset of arthritis as well as other diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Exercise is a natural mood booster, will help control your weight, improve balance and enhance your overall quality of life!

There are a number of exercises that are low impact and joint friendly. You should exercise with easy movements and start slowly paying attention to how your body feels. You can slowly increase the length and intensity of your exercise as you progress. Here are some goals for exercising.

Increase Flexibility - Improving your range of motion will help relieve joint stiffness. Movements such as stretching, raising your arms above your head and touching your toes are all great ways to increase flexibility. Yoga and tai chi are also great alternatives to improve range of motion. Doing daily flexibility exercises will make everyday tasks easier and improve quality of life.

Improve Strength - Strong muscles help support and stabilize your joints. Light weights, resistance bands or even using your own body weight can help strengthen muscles. You can do strength exercises at home, in a class or gym. Make sure to use good form and slow movements, Do not exercise the same muscles groups everyday they need time to recoup and rebuild stronger.

Boost Endurance - Aerobic exercise will improve your stamina, energy, cardiovascular health and overall health. In addition your oxygen rich blood helps decrease inflammation of joints for arthritis sufferers. Make sure you choose low impact exercises and avoid high impact ones such as running. Some great low impact exercises to boost endurance are walking, biking and swimming. Hobbies such as gardening and dancing are also great aerobic exercises as are household chores such as mowing the lawn or raking leaves.

Always remember to warm up and cool down when you exercise and don’t overdo it.

An active lifestyle including exercising will help relieve arthritis and improve your overall health!

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